Saturday, April 4, 2009

BOLLYFIT Newsletter April 2009 - Summer fitness is here!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our April 2009 BOLLYFIT Newsletter!

In the last issue, we spoke about how we have incorporated the latest 'bollywood remix'
and other popular types of music for doing intense calorie burning workouts, popularly
called for 'BOLLYFIT' workouts, which is the latest craze in the world of fitness.
In this issue, we want to quickly bring you up to speed with ‘What’s in and working well’

in the world of Fitness, which is - Changing the way you Work out and Keep Fit!
It Summer time and working out is an effort – right!
Well, it really helps if you vary your exercise routine which will keep you interested as well as work out all your muscle groups. Which means you should alternate between different fitness activities like Swimming, Running, Biking, Weight training and other forms of cardio exercises like doing dance aerobics, using the Cross Trainer, Treadmill, etc.
As far the diet is concerned, ‘Calories In’ have to be less than ‘Calories Out’. So be conscious of what you eat, without going on crash diets. Summer months are a good time to eat lots of cooling foods like high water content Fruits (Watermelon), Salads, low fat Yoghurt, amongst others.
And to get the maximum out of your workouts, choose your 3 or 4 of your favorite songs,

with fast beats and good rhythm (at least 120 beats per minute). Fantastic upbeat music

is a true energy booster and believe me it will simply do wonders to motivate you and

make you workout to your optimum potential.

So folks, enjoy your work-outs with lots of good music as you sweat it out in the coming

summer months! Keep the ‘Fitness is Fun’ spirit alive!

Write to us for any queries at: For the latest fitness trends and

on BOLLYFIT, log onto

See you next month and until then – Keep FIT!

Check out some of the latest choreography on this on the show reel on YouTube

Reema Sarin
Fitness Dancer & Choreographer
Bollyfit Program
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