Saturday, November 30, 2013

BOLLYFIT Question of the Day!

BOLLYFIT Question of the Day! 'Should I exercise if my muscles are sore, or should I rest? Definitely rest. Give yourself 2-3 days rest. Eat a small quantity of lean protein and a larger quantity of low-glycemic index carbs. Amino acids from lean protein will aid in rebuilding the damaged muscle, and the healthy carbs (like Brown rice, whole grain breads), will give your muscles glycogen, the best way to repair sore muscles. KEEP FIT!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Reema Sarin, Actor, Model, Emcee, Dancer, as well as the Founder of the BOLLYFIT company, held the capital city's first BOLLYWOOD BASH, where she performed live on stage to some of the latest Bollywood numbers, including 'Diliwali Girlfriend' for all the Diliwalas, as well as to the title song of 'Grand Masti'. The party rocked all night long to live Bollywood singing and to the DJ's tunes. Click on the link below to see the photographs: