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Reema Sarin conducts her BOLLYFIT & BOLLYWOOD DANCE Classes in Bali, Indonesia, December 15th January 4th 2015!

Reema Sarin conducts her BOLLYFIT & BOLLYWOOD DANCE Classes in Bali, Indonesia, December 15th January 4th 2015! Now rock with Reema to your favorite Bollywood remixes in exotic Bali!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to Schedule Exercise into a Working Day! Reema Sarin, Bollywood Dancer & Founder BOLLYFIT & Dancer talks to AsianWorld

People who wish to lose weight and enjoy better health are often discouraged because they can rarely find the time to work out. When someone works full time, takes care of children, or has other important responsibilities, it is often difficult to fit exercise into the daily routine. Despite this fact, there are ways to schedule exercise into a busy life.
People who work full time outside of the home can schedule exercise into their lives by walking in the morning, during their work breaks, or in the evening. Taking a brisk walk outside for 30 minutes can help a person become more physically fit. Breaking the walks up into two or three 15-minute segments can help people who are even more pressed for time.
Another way to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule is to sneak snippets of physical activity into the day. For example, parking the car further away from the store is an excellent way to walk more. Other options include walking to nearby stores to get shopping done. Instead of using elevators all of the time, make an effort to take the stairs. Walking up stairs is a good way to fit in some exercise while at work or taking care of errands around town.
During the workday, instead of sending a co-worker an email, some people like to leave their desks and walk over to the other person's office or cubicle in order to relay the message. Do this several times of day in order to receive the benefits of physical activity and schedule exercise into a busy workday.
At home, a person can schedule exercise into her life by doing a variety of actions. One way to do this is to jump rope from ten to 15 minutes. Jumping rope is a workout that delivers excellent benefits in a short amount of time. Another method of squeezing in exercise is to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. This is a two-fold benefit; the dog gets to release some energy and the owner fits in some physical activity.
If someone enjoys watching television in the evening, she can exercise as well. Crunches, jumping jacks, and marching in place are all excellent ways to exercise during a TV sitcom or even commercial breaks.
Use housework as a way to schedule exercise into the daily routine. Since housecleaning is a necessary part of life, everyone can fit physical fitness into their schedules. For example, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping are all activities that can increase the heart rate. Incorporate lunges, jogging, and other movements in order to make housework an effective form of exercise.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Key Benefits of Exercise! Reema Sarin, Dancer, Actor, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT talks to STAYFIT Magazine!

Key Benefits of Exercise! Reema Sarin, Dancer, Actor, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT talks to STAYFIT Magazine!
Exercise is a great energy, spirit and mood booster. It is a ‘must do’ activity to release toxins out of one’s system and to mentally relax and feel good about oneself.
Here are some key Benefits of a regular Exercise regime
Better Mood
Cranky? Get moving. Exercise makes you feel happier. When you work out, your body makes endorphins -- "feel-good" chemicals in the brain. You can actually start to feel better within a few minutes of moving. But the effects of regular exercise can last for a long time.
More Energy
You might not expect it, but using energy to exercise gives you more get-up-and-go. Sometimes when you're tired, the last thing you want to do is move. But when you exercise regularly, that fatigue goes away and you find yourself with a lot more pep.
Good Night's Sleep
Get regular exercise to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. The harder you exercise, the more likely you are to have a good night's sleep. It doesn't matter when you exercise, as long as you don’t have trouble sleeping. If you do have problems, though, work out earlier in the day.
More Confidence
You just walked a mile or ran your first 5K. Success like that can boost your self-esteem and make you ready to conquer anything. Exercise makes you feel good about yourself!
Less Stress
Exercise calms your body and your brain. When your body works hard, the levels of stress hormones -- like adrenaline and cortisol -- drop. Stress and anxiety fade away, especially after aerobic exercise.
More Productive
Want to be more efficient at work? Take a break and get some exercise. In one study, people who got moving in the middle of the day were much more productive when they went back to work. They also were happier and got along better with their co-workers.
Weight Control
Exercise and diet work together to keep your weight healthy. Whether you want to lose some inches around the waist or just avoid putting on extra pounds, exercise is the key. Try to work out 30 minutes most days of the week.
Long Life
Regular exercise can add years to your life. And that counts even if you're not a hard-core fitness buff. Just get moving. Even a little exercise can help you live longer than not exercising at all. The American Heart Association says each hour of exercise adds 2 hours to your life.
Strong Bones and Muscles
Your bones and muscles get stronger when you work out. It's especially important to do weight-bearing exercise, such as weight-lifting, tennis, walking, and dancing. This can help build bones as you get older. And it can help ward off osteoporosis and protect your balance and coordination.
Healthy Heart
It's no secret that exercise is great for your heart. Regular workouts lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood cholesterol levels, and help control and even prevent high blood pressure.
Lower Risk of Cancer
Regular exercise can cut your risk of some cancers, including colon, breast, and lung. And people who have cancer have better quality of life when they exercise.
Less Arthritis Pain
If you have arthritis, regular exercise can help ease your pain. And it can make your daily activities easier. Try non-impact exercises like swimming. They can be easy on sore joints.
Reema Sarin
Founder ‘BOLLYFIT’
Actor, Model, Anchor, Bollywood Dancer & Choreographer
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Bollywood Dancing today involves a fusion of multiple dance forms and dance steps at varying speeds. Come dance to some groovy Bollywood music in a fantastic workshop where you will learn:
Mainstream and sophisticated Bollywood dance moves to popular and the latest Bollywood songs and remixes.

How to interpret a song to adapt the vast repertoire of Bollywood Dance moves and other nuances when dancing to different Bollywood songs.

Bollywood dance choreography synchronized to some of the latest songs, which you will perform to at the end of the workshop. 

Reema has trained in multiple dance forms including the Flamenco, Kathak, Latin dances, Tango, Jazz and Modern Dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in New York & San Francisco, Delhi School of Music and Shriram Center. She has international experience and training in the Fitness Industry in the US, Australia and in South East Asia. She has created her own fusion of sophisticated bollywood, jazz, funk and fitness dance moves, synchronized to popular bollywood music.

Program Details
Sat, 29th Nov
Participation by Contribution
Prior Registration Required

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014


MARG COMMUNITY CENTER, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

BOLLYWOOD DANCE Class - Monday,Wednesday & Friday – 6.30 - 7.30 P.M.
Tuesday & Thursday – 4.30 – 5.30 p.m. & 6.30 - 7.30 p.m.

BOLLYFIT Classes every Monday,Wednesday & Friday – 10.15 a.m. - 11.15 a.m.
Tuesday & Thursday – 5.30 – 6.30 p.m.


Please call 9871698894; 26873133 and BOOK YOUR BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOWS &

Reema Sarin is multi-faceted as an Bollywood Dancer, Actor, Model, Anchor,
& Choreographer and the Founder of the BOLLYFIT program. She has trained
in multiple dance forms including Kathak,Flamenco, Latin dances, Tango, Jazz
and Modern Dance at Arthur Murray, Dance Studios in New York, San Francisco,
Delhi School of Music & Shriram Center.
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Reema Sarin performs in Bollywood Dance Show in German School, New Delhi!
Bollywood Dance & BOLLYFIT Workshop with Reema Sarin – Part 1, Bangkok
Bollywood Dance & BOLLYFIT Workshop with Reema Sarin – Part 2, Bangkok
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BOLLYFIT is a fantastic fusion of Bollywood, Bhangra, Salsa, Flamenco,
Jazz, Funk and Modern dance moves with international Dance Aerobics and
Cardio Kick-Boxing moves to Bollywood music to your favorite Bollywood,
Indipop and Bhangra Remix music at 200 beats per minute, the fastest in
the fitness and dance industry globally! BOLLYFIT is an intense calorie
burner, muscle toning and strength training workout, Burns upwards of 500-
700 calories per session.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Reema Sarin, Bollywood Dancer, Actor, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT rocks Delhi in a Bollywood Dance Show!

BOLLYWOOD DANCER, ACTOR, MODEL, ANCHOR & FOUNDER BOLLYFIT Reema Sarin recently performed in a BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW at OLIVE in New Delhi. Reema rocked the crowds with her moves to the latest bollywood songs including ‘Jumme ki Raat’, ‘Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai’, ‘Paani Paani’, and ‘Diliwali Girlfried’ which she performed with co-dancer Mandeep Singh. The highlights of the show were Reema;s solo performances to the item songs ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Lovely’! The dance sequences had a lot of fusion dance steps, wherein Reema mixed mainstream Bollywood, Salsa, kathak, Hip-hop, Jazz and Modern Dance steps to Bollywood beats.

About Reema Sarin
Reema is multi-faceted as an Bollywood Dancer, Actor, Model, Anchor & Choreographer and the Founder of the BOLLYFIT program globally.
Reema has trained in multiple dance forms including the Flamenco, Kathak, Latin dances, Tango, Jazz and Modern Dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in New York, San Francisco and Delhi School of Music. Played the main lead and choreographed a music video recently directed by Yasin Khan, for the album ‘Pyaar Ibadat’, Zia Productions. Performed in the MTV-PNC (Pritish Nandy Communications) Music Video Promo, aired recently on MTV.

Based in New Delhi, Reema performs Bollywood & BOLLYFIT shows internationally and teaches dance workshops. BOLLYFIT is her own fusion of sophisticated bollywood, jazz, funk and fitness dance moves, synchronized to popular bollywood music at 140 beats per minute, the fastest in the dance and fitness industry globally! Reema has many acting and modeling assignments to her fame. She played the main lead in the short feature film ‘The Sentence’, directed by Abhishek Joshi, which was shown in the Cannes Film Festival, May 2011 Acted as one of the mail female leads in the film ‘One Step Away’ directed by Gurvinder Chadha, Concorde Films, Mumbai.
She has played multiple character roles in 'Balaji Telefilm' Serials (Ekta Kapoor), namely, 'Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki'; 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi'; 'Kesar and 'Karma' by Sony Productions.
Acted in the famous Hindi playwright, Mohan Rakesh’s renowned Play ‘Adhe Adhure’ as well as in ‘Khoob Milayi Jodi’, a Hindi Comedy, both directed by Rajesh Babbar, as well as in the plays ‘Bhoomi’ and ‘Naughty @ Forty’ by Director Yasin Khan, Indu Arts & Film Society

Sunday, November 2, 2014

BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW SHOOT with Actor, Dancer, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT Reema Sarin at Olive, New Delhi

BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW SHOOT with Actor, Dancer, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT Reema Sarin & Ankit Kumar, Make Up Artist at Olive, New Delhi

Monday, October 27, 2014

Long-term Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercises! Reema Sarin, Actor, Dancer & Founder BOLLYFIT talks to STAYFIT

Cheers! The countless comforts that technology provides us today have simplified our lives, but with a price! An unhealthy body!  Problems in disguise of diabetes, hyper tension, chronic heart diseases, high blood pressure and more recently obesity have paved their way into our so called comfortable life, creating perilous threat to our lives.

To combat these problems you need to exercise vigorously enough to speed up your heart rate and keep it up for at least 20 minutes! Because it takes at least that long for your heart to work hard enough for you to experience cardiovascular and endorphin benefits. Get your heart rate up and keep it up for at least 20 minutes per session, ideally daily. Huff and puff a little. Break out in a sweat. Burn energy. Move fast. A vigorous aerobic activity session for 45 minutes every other day is a good alternative. It builds your endurance, strengthens your heart, and increases your lung capacity.

It releases endorphins, those wonderful mood-elevating brain chemicals.

Health Benefits are:
ª             Tones the muscles and makes them stronger.
ª             Increases your speed, balance, flexibility, coordination and sharpens reflexes.
ª             Reduces stress. Aerobic activity is one of the most successful STRESS-BUSTER programs in the Fitness industry globally.
ª             Burns a high as 500 calories per hour.

If you are one of those frustrated of bulging tummy, double chin, sagging arms and extra fats, Aerobic Activity can be your efficient fat burner.

ª             Improves heart and lung function
ª             Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
ª             Increases blood supply to muscles and improves ability to use oxygen
ª             DETOXIFIES the skin, wherein all body toxins are thrown out through intense perspiration.
ª             Increases HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol)
ª             Decreases triglycerides
ª             Reduces body fat and improves weight control
ª             Improves glucose tolerance and reduces insulin resistance
ª             Enhances immune function, which means:
ª       Increases resistance to viral and bacterial infection
ª       Increases resistance to cancer
ª             Lowers blood sugar levels and reduces risk of diabetes
ª             Longer life expectancy

Love the moves and feel the pulse of your muscles. Feel them grow, feel the blow. Stretch a little. Jump and Kick some more. And kick high. The aerobic activity advantage will give you a health and heart good time advantage. Bring out the dynamo in you!

Important Fitness Tips to keep in mind!

  • Wear flexible and light exercise shoes and comfortable cotton or lycra exercise clothes.
  • Feel free to sip water throughout the workout.
  • Constantly breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth throughout the exercise routine.
  • Stay up tall, shoulders back and hold your stomach in tight during while doing the dance aerobic exercises
  • Follow the choreography carefully and do the exercises at your own pace and stamina.
  • Be light on your feet and ALWAYS land on your heels to avoid shin splins.
  • And last but not the least – enjoy the beats and rhythm of the fabulous Bollywood remix numbers and let the music move your feet.
·         Do work out atleast 3 times a week – a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio,
·         with a good warm –up, cool down and stretching exercises.
·         Always wear good flexible fitness shoes and comfortable fitness clothes- preferably of cotton and lycra fabrics, which allow full body movement and minimize physical injuries. These fabrics also allow the body to breathe.
  • Give your self atleast a 2 hour gap between your meals and workouts
  • Have plenty of water throughout the day and also during the work-out
  • Eat healthy – a high protein – low carbohydrate diet, with lots of vegetables, fruits and some dairy products.
Reema Sarin 
Founder ‘BOLLYFIT’
Actor, Model, Anchor, Bollywood Dancer & Choreographer
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

LETS DANCE BOLLYWOOD! Actor, Dancer, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT dances with kids of SAMPARPAN Children's Home, New Delhi

As part of her global program 'LETS DANCE BOLLYWOOD', which Actor, Dancer, Model & Founder BOLLYFIT, Reema Sarin has launched globally for children and students of all institutions, school, universities and shelter homes world-wide, Reema recently held a BOLLYWOOD DANCE WORKSHOP for the kids (ages 7 - 12) of SAMARPAN Childrens' Home in New Delhi. It was a 1 day workshop where Reema taught the kids mainstream bollywood, hip hop and jazz dance steps to popular bollyWood songs - 'Paani Paani' and 'Saturday Saturday' by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Reema personally instructed the class and said "The kids have amazing talent and sense of rhythm! Children are fast learners and they lose inhibitions and shyness when they dance. I have found Bollywood dancing to serve as a great personality developer and confidence builder in kids of all ages and Our goal is to teach BOLLYWOOD DANCE to as many children as we can world-wide, and we are getting many queries from all over the world and a fantastic response to the program!" added Reema.

Samarpan is a registered Charitable Trust working to fulfill the needs of the most impoverished and often ignored sections of our society. Our foundation was established in 2006 and consists of a large group of volunteers from all over the world who specialize in different fields and work towards a common ideal. We are involved in a wide range of activities across India some of which include: Distribution of food in extremely poor areas, free education of street children and adults, healthcare in areas lacking basic amenities, creating homes for orphans and for the aged, disaster management and rehabilitation. For more information, please visit their website: